5 Most Endangered Birds

Balance of Our Ecosystem

Ever wonder which birds are in danger of extinction? The IUCN Red List is a great place to start. It’s an international list of species that includes plants and animals, with each one classified as either vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered.

Here are the top five most endangered birds:   

1) Hawaiian Crow – Critically Endangered; population estimated to be less than 100 individuals, and is down by 80% in last 10 years.

2) Northern White-faced Owl – Endangered; fewer than 500 mature individuals living wild or captivity. The total world population may number as little as 150 with ~50 of those being captive breedings).

3) Black-footed Ferret-  Extinct in Wild – Population numbers remain stable but there has been no successful reproduction outside a controlled breeding program since 1991.

4) Atlantic Puffin Least Concern – Least Concern; Populations have fluctuated over time between 5 million and 50 thousand, though they face threats from oil.

5) California Condor – Endangered; the legendary and majestic California condors are now considered to be one of the rarest birds on Earth with only about 546 individuals present as of December 2016, according to BirdLife International.

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