What We Are

Audubonmex is a nonprofit organization that specializes in ecological restoration and preservation. Our physical location is Mexico, but we carry out various cross-country projects based on any of the causes we support. They include endeavors to promote biodiversity and environmental sustenance. We’ll highlight them and how and why they need our help.

Our Functions

Having understood the different causes we support as an organization, we’ll discuss how. That’s us show you how we do what we do to ensure a balanced and sustainable society at large. As time goes on, we envision expanding our functionality and the role we take upon ourselves. However, besides employment opportunities, we presently have two essential elements: funding and advocacy.

Land and Water Management

We use land and water resources majorly for agricultural purposes. Most people forget that though vital, they also harbor numerous habitats. The waters are home to thousands of aquatic species, and the soil has organisms responsible for nutrient provision. They’re interrelated because we need water on the land without disrupting the balance of either of them.

Better management practices result in things like reduction of erosion and increases in nutrient uptake. They help in alleviating strain and danger from the species in these habitats. Based on studies carried out, some of these practices include agroforestry and rainwater harvesting. There are also ways to stop and prevent water pollution, which is essential.

Wildlife Reserves

Many animals are extinct or endangered for various unnatural reasons, including pollution and climate change. They must be protected and conserved to sustain their species, thus, the importance of wildlife reserves or conservation parks. Sometimes, it’s also vital to protect these animals and preserve them in their natural habitats. That offers a higher chance of survival.

Also, in doing that, it provides a double-edged solution through one course of action. Besides parks and others, there are also animal sanctuaries for those rescued from dangerous conditions. However, without appropriate resources, some of them may not exist in our world anymore within a few years. Hence, the need for dedicated funding.

 Promotion of Ecotourism

Ecotourism is one of the recently embraced sustainable conservation and development strategies. It’s tourism built on experiencing natural species and habitats. It also involves various eco-friendly activities like hiking and rock-climbing. It promotes learning about the different ecosystems, coupled with the local culture in a particular place.

People also favor ecotourism because it attracts both economic and social development for the community involved. Thus, while conserving biodiversity, tourist activities provide financial benefits for the locals. Gone are the days when tourist attractions only mean a bunch of five-star hotels and museums. That’s why we need to promote this component of tourism.

 Climate Change

By now, most people have heard of climate change but are still unaware of the fine details. It has an impact on various areas of our lives, both directly and indirectly. Some of them include agriculture, aquatic life, and the general quality of our environment. One such occurrence is global warming. That’s why climate and environmental awareness are essential worldwide.

These effects also influence the health of the population. That’s because of situations, including heat stress and increased direct exposure to greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Therefore, it calls for appropriate education and advocacy. That’ll help the enactment of policies that will ensure to slow down the process of climate change. It’ll also equip individuals with knowledge of their societal roles in this fight.

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